Thursday, September 12, 2013

Poetry Is ALWAYS About Death

I have a long-standing belief that all poetry is about death.  If you were in my college literature class, which you likely weren't since there were only four people in it, you know my adamant belief that all poetry is about death.  Give me a poem and I can show you how it is about death.  Katherine wanted to put this to the test.  The first two poems I Googled contained at least one form of the word "die" in them.

Thinking she would be clever, Katherine decided to write a poem for me, so that I could show her how it is about death.  Now keep in mind that poetry, like art, is open to interpretation.  And so perhaps you may think my interpretation is a stretch to get to the topic of death, but I don't really care.  I hold strongly to my belief.

There once was a kitty named Fluffles.
His favorite food was truffles.
He ate them 'til he grew full;
Right out of the bowl.
Another thing he did every day
Was to go outside and play.
He frolicked through the flowers
For hours and hours and hours.
Fluffles had a best friend.
His friend's name was Pretend.
They played for what seemed like forever.
Their friendship could never be severed.
-Katherine Bishop, Age 13

How is this poem about death, you ask?

#1.  Cats shouldn't be eating truffles (chocolate or of the mushroom-ish variety), or it could kill them.

#2.  This supposed friend (who is likely dead-as in doesn't exist...) with a friendship that could never be severed?  That means that even in death, they will still be friends.

And the best and final reason that this poem is about death?

#3.  The simple fact that cats have nine lives proves that this is a poem all about death!  Having nine lives implies that the cat will die eight times before it's ninth life.

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